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The information below is part of the information about this drug supplied by its manufacturer.Brand Name: Humira Generic Name: Adalimumab Injection Important Note:This content on this website is designed for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or care.  The information below is listed to supplement, not replace the advice of your doctor, pharmacist or any other healthcare professional.  Please consult your healthcare professional before using this drug or for more information about it.USES:Humira is a Tumor Necrosis-Factor blocker or TNF. It is commonly used to reduce the symptoms and signs of psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and acute cases of rheumatoid arthritis, polyarticular juvenile idiopathic-arthritis, Crohn’s disease. It is also used in the treatment of severe plaque psoriasis and ulcerative colitis.WARNING:Patients taking this medication are at an increased risk of developing life-threatening infections which may lead to hospitalization or death. Many of these patients were taking immunosuppressants and Humira simultaneously. Humira should be discontinued immediately if the patient develops sepsis or other serious infections.People with chronic or recurrent infections are more likely to experience persistent fungal, viral, and bacterial infections such as listeria, legionella, and candidiasis, when taking Humira.Patients whose test results were negative for having latent tuberculosis BEFORE taking Humira, may have developed the infection post treatment.Adolescents and children are at risk for developing malignancies such as lymphoma when treated with Humira.SIDE EFFECTS:Patients who are taking Humira, who experience any of the following signs, may be experiencing an allergic reaction. They need to seek emergency medical attention immediately.Swollen tongue, throat, face, or lipsHivesDifficult breathingThe following is a list of serious side effects that may occur while taking a course of Humira. If any of these side effects do occur, stop taking the medication immediately and contact your prescribing doctor.Neck stiffness, seizures, and confusionBurning or pain sensation during urinationFeeling out of breath accompanied by swelling in the feet and anklesOngoing cough, chest  pain, coughing with blood or mucusWeakness in the legs, tingly feeling or numbnessScaly, purple, or red skin, muscle or joint pain, oral sores, and hair loss Other reported side effects of this medication are:Weight loss, night sweats, tiredness, and feverFeeling satiation after only eating a small portion of foodPain that begins in the upper stomach region and spreads to the shouldersPale skin, shortness of breath, easily bleeding or bruising, and rapid heart beatLack of appetite, clay-colored stool, dark urine, itching, jaundiceLess serious side effects may include:headache;stuffy nose, sinus pain;nausea, stomach pain; orPain, redness, itching, swelling, or bleeding where you injected the medication.Humira lowers your blood cells that help you combat infections. As a result, your blood will require frequent testing. Avoid activities that may bring you into contact with sick people or those that may lead to bleeding.Before starting a course of Humira, you doctor will perform some tests to rule out tuberculosis and other infections.Avoid receiving a “live” vaccination while taking Humira.BEFORE TAKING HUMIRA:Avoid taking Humira if you have an allergy to Adalimumab, or if you are receiving treatment with anakinra (Kineret) or abatacept (Orencia).Discuss your risk for developing lymphoma, particularly if you have an autoimmune disorder. The risk of developing other types of cancer such as colon, breast, lung, and prostate are also high in young adults and children.Before starting Humira, inform your prescribing doctor if you had tuberculosis, or if someone in your household has tuberculosis, or if you travelled to a destination where TB is common.To ensure that Humira is the right medication for you, inform your prescribing doctor if any of the following conditions apply to you:recent or active infectionhepatitis Blupusskin wounds or open soreslatex rubber allergiesMultiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, myasthenia gravisIf you recently received a vaccination for BCG or are scheduled for other vaccinesCurrently, the FDA has deemed that taking Humira during pregnancy will not affect the health of your unborn child. You may be required to register yourself on the Humira pregnancy registry, at the start of your medication course. It is recommended that you refrain from breastfeeding your child while taking this medication, as it is not known whether Adalimumab is passed on via breast milk.Children who are prescribed Humira must first be up to date on all their immunizations.IF OVERDOSE IS SUSPECTED:If overdose of the medication has occurred, seek emergency medication attention immediately. Call 911, or your local emergency room service. PROPER STORAGE OF HUMIRA:Store this medication in the fridge at temperatures that range between 36-46 degrees F or (2-8 degrees C). Keep this medication away from moisture and light. Keep out of reach from pets and children.GENERAL INFORMATION:For additional information about this prescription medication, please consult your prescribing doctor, health care provider, or local pharmacist. This medication may only be used by the patient whose name appears on the prescription label. Please do not share this medication with others.If after taking this medication, your symptoms appear to worsen or are not showing any improvement, speak with your doctor right away. Consult your pharmacist about how unused medication may be safely disposed.  The information provided in this Read More >
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This coupon is pre-activated. Please enter the RXBIN, RXPCN, RXGRP and full member id to process claims for this program.This coupon entitles this member to all of the prescription drug benefits associated with the RXBIN, PCN, RXGRP and Member ID (as per state and federal law).

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