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The information below is part of the information about this drug supplied by its manufacturer.BRAND NAME: PlavixGENERIC NAME: clopidogrel bisulfate tabletsImportant Note:This content on this website is designed for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or care.  The information below is listed to supplement, not replace the advice of your doctor, pharmacist or any other healthcare professional.  Please consult your healthcare professional before using this drug or for more information about it.USES: Plavix is prescribed for treating the following conditions:Chest pains caused by heart issuesPoor circulation in the legs i.e. peripheral arterial diseaseHeart attackStrokePlavix may be used on its own or with an aspirin, to reduce the recurrence of another serious issue with your blood vessels or heart, such as a blood clot, stroke, or heart attack.Plavix also prevents blood platelets from bonding together, and thereby preventing clots from blocking arteries.More research needs to be conducted to determine whether Plavix is effective and safe for children.WARNING:Patients need to be aware of the following, before starting a regimen.1. Plavix may not be effective for people who have particular genetic factors. This would affect how the medication is absorbed in the body.2. Plavix may not be effective for people who take certain medications such as Prilosec (omeprazole) and Nexium (esomeprazole). Your prescribing doctor may replace the medication you are currently taking for issues with stomach acidity.3. Since Plavix is a blood thinner, it hinder the formation of blood clots. This can lead to bleeding which can be fatal. While taking this medication, you might be more susceptible to bleeding and bruising, nose bleeds, and more time will be require for the bleeding to end.If you experience any of the following signs of bleeding, call you prescribing doctor immediately:Bleeding that doesn’t seem to stop or is unexpectedPresence of blood in urineBlack or red stoolsBruises that occur without a causeThe appearance of blood clots or blood while coughingThe appearance of vomit resembles coffee grounds or you vomit bloodOnce you begin taking Plavix, do not stop this medication without consulting with your prescribing doctor. People who abruptly stop taking this medication are more prone to heart attacks and death. If you have to stop taking the medication due to bleeding, your risk of having a heart attack will increase.Refrain from taking Plavix if you have a medical condition which causes bleeding, i.e. stomach ulcers. This medication should be avoided by individuals who are allergic to clopidogrel.SIDE EFFECTS:The following side effects were reported in individuals who took Plavix:Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP)This is an issue with the formation of blood clots in any part of your body, which can occur within two of starting your Plavix regimen. TTP requires immediate hospital attention because it can lead to death.Seek medical attention immediately if you experience the following symptoms which cannot be explained by another medical issue:the appearance of purple spots in the mouth or on the skin (purpura) caused by bleeding underneath the skinyellowness in the whites of the eyes or on the skinpale appearance of the skinfeverrapid heart rate and shortness of breathheadachespeed changescomastrokeconfusionseizuresmall amounts of urine, or urine that has a pink colour or has bloodpain in the abdomenvomiting, diarrhea, nauseachanges in visionNotify your doctor if your side effects persist or bother you. These are just some of the side effects you may experience when taking Plavix. For more information, speak to your prescribing doctor.BEFORE TAKING PLAVIX:Before starting with Plavix, inform your doctor of the following:History of stomach or bowel ulcersBleeding problemsHave an upcoming surgery or dental procedureAre pregnant, planning on becoming pregnantBreastfeeding or planning to breastfeedHave an allergy to certain medicationsYour doctor and dentist should be informed that you are taking Plavix.IF OVERDOSE IS SUSPECTED:Symptoms of overdose include feeling exhausted, shortness of breath, vomiting, and the presence of blood in vomit or stools.If you suspect an overdose, visit an emergency room or contact your poison control center. Residents in the US should call 1-800-222-1222.PROPER STORAGE OF PLAVIX:This medication should be stored at 59°F-86°F or 15°C-30°C. Keep Plavix and other medications out of reach from children and pets.GENERAL INFORMATION:For additional information about this prescription medication, please consult your prescribing doctor, health care provider, or local pharmacist. This medication may only be used by the patient whose name appears on the prescription label. Please do not share this medication with others.If after taking this medication, your symptoms appear to worsen or are not showing any improvement, speak with your doctor right away. Consult your pharmacist about how unused medication may be safely disposed.  The information provided in this sheet, is merely a summary. It does not provide all the information about this drug that is contained in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR). For more information about this medication or any drug-related query, please consult with your prescribing doctor, local pharmacist or health care practitioner If you have questions about the medicine you are taking or would like more information, check with your doctor, pharmacist, or other health care provider.ADDITIONAL SOURCES:-       This is not a complete list of uses, side effects, warnings or other information about this drug.  You can report side affects to  F Read More >
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This coupon is pre-activated. Please enter the RXBIN, RXPCN, RXGRP and full member id to process claims for this program.This coupon entitles this member to all of the prescription drug benefits associated with the RXBIN, PCN, RXGRP and Member ID (as per state and federal law).

For help processing a prescription call our pharmacist help line toll-free at 1-844-494-2368.

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